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It’s the result that counts

Nordiska Resultatgruppen unites experience from the healthcare, travel and shipping sectors within one single network. This group has experience of quickly creating simple market models in a well regulated and complex environment that, combined with our assignors’ ideas, generate results.

We are evolving

Our role is to catalyze projects all the way to a stable establishment and foundation for the business. We identify stakeholders who are in position to take advantage of the full potential, while we focus on our core competence – business development.
The latest focus for the group has been shipping, healthcare administration, tax-free and border shopping.

We are innovative

Resultatgruppen performs at its best within industries or sectors that have experienced only slight or no competition to date.
Several of our projects have been targeted at creating new experiences or services where others have yet failed to see the potential. Our guiding-star is identifying potential and turning it into profitable business. Our goal is creating results.


During the financial year we have been active with Conscriptor, our largest investment, and we have ensured incorporation of the newly acquired companies into our operations, with the entire consolidation process carried out with full force. We have also supported our investments by providing direct resources and competency.